Drunko – Drink or Dare – Party Card Game

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A Drinking Card Game for Daring Adults. The best card game for your next party, regardless of whether you are for or against humanity! Drunko is for adults who love to get together with friends and have fun laughing their asses off at each others’ expenses. Game play follows the familiar rules of matching the number or color of the previous card laid, but adds the additional dimensions of drinking and executing hilarious dares. The five DARE theme categories are Lame, Horny, Dare Devil, Nympho and No Fear with eight progressively more challenging dares on each theme card. You may be dared to lip sync a song, or talk dirty to an opponent, or even run around half-naked. Be forewarned that choosing to not execute the dare means you’ll have to finish your drink. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to do for a laugh? Will you take the drink or do the DARE? Buy today so you can be the hero at your next party! NOTE: Blending two or more decks is ideal for larger parties.Gather your friends and get ready to have fun

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