Drink Drank Drunk

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An Original New Orleans Drinking Game! Ok, now that I have your attention, take every witty, fun and generally outrageous drinking game that you have, can, or will ever shake your stick at and slam them on some cards. We call it Drink Drank Drunk, the best game for you and your hooligan friends. That warm feeling is the fact that Drink Drank Drunk is your next ticket to rockin’ fun, or you drank so much you pissed yourself. Either way your friends will laugh.
Our designers and writers have wrapped up this wonderful bunch-o-games and made it available for you to turn your next party into a wardrobe-malfunctioning, where’s the damn tazer type of extravaganza.

Why Mini-Games?

If we had to put it into words, Sexual Chocolate. If we were asked to put it into 62 words then: Mini-Games rock, that’s just the way it is. EVERY group we’ve tested in our lovely testing facility (which is not a cage, scout’s honor) has their favorite cards and interacts with each game differently. So the rockage of each mini-game depends on the imagination (and possible intoxication) of each of the players, while keeping rules simple so that everyone can follow along.Awesome Games with Friends!

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