Oche Pong – Beer Pong on the Wall, Window, or Tailgate Tent, Single Board

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Oche Pong lets you play a great version of beer pong on the wall without taking up valuable floor space. The patented design allows you to take the game vertical without losing that familiar tight triangle formation. Oche Pong can be mounted on the wall in the same manner as you would a dartboard. You can also take Oche Pong out to your next tailgating party using a fastening device such as a bungee cord or zip ties around the framework of a pop-up tent. Using suction cups with hooks found at most hardware stores Oche Pong can be played on vehicle window, sliding glass door, mirrored bar signs, or any other flat glass surface. Please see the images for the quick installation. You can play a variation of beer pong using only a single Oche Pong board or fully replicate the table experience with two boards. No looking across the table at your opponent, get right into their ear. One of our most common questions is “With the cups angled, does it make it easier to make a shot?” In our experience the answer is no, you are still shooting at roughly the same surface area. Oche is pronounced like hockey with the “h”. Oche is the technical name for the dart throw line. We took inspiration from a dart board along the styling of old world pub signs to create a game that is as close to regular beer pong as you can get without a table. Oche Pong was invented by Phinneas Innovations LLC. We have overseen all stages of the development and manufacturing process. Oche Pong is made of ABS plastic with a ribbed back structure to make it tough enough to handle the toughest crowds. We have tested Oche Pong with a variation of over 10 brands of party cups including those that are a little square in shape. They all have the same diameter for the top of the cup which allows Oche Pong’s design to function with them. If you want a new twist on a classic party game at your next gathering, then go balls to the wall with Oche Pong.Beer Pong on the Wall, Tailgate Tent, or Window

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