MegaPongo Beer Pong Tailgating Game

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Featuring two beer pong game units for portable beer pong play. It’s all you need to play beer pong (except the beer) in a convenient package. MegaPongo weighs just over 10 pounds, so it’s easy to transport.
Each game unit allows for up to 19 Solo-type target cups for traditional 10-cup play or many other configurations. Suggested beer pong variations include Around the World (hit the cups in order), Ring of Fire (hit the center stack, remvoe a stack up, hit the ring of cups around the circle, add a cup to the stack), H-O-R-S-E (miss the cup, get a letter), Chaos (all players shoot continuously, grab loose balls, first to fill all cups wins), CREATE YOUR OWN GAME and post it online.
A clear backboard and ball collection system for each game unit helps reduce chasing balls during beer pong play. The backboard and even the game units and legs are great places to apply your favorite team decals.
Target cups are held in place so there’s less spillage and mess. And, the game board will hold many sizes of beverage cups, from 15 to 18 ounces. Target cups in your team colors can also be purchased at many party stores and online and used with MegaPongo to show your team allegiance.
Each game unit also includes cup holders for the wash cup and your drink.
The game units stand on sturdy, collapsible legs which can be adjusted for many surfaces.
MegaPongo comes with 12, high-quality ping-pong balls for play.
Each game unit takes less than a minute to set up for beer pong play.
After you’re finished playing, both game units collapses, rolls up, and fits into a package that’s the size of a case of beer.
Caring for MegaPongo is easy. Either wipe off the game surface backboard of each unit, or hose off the entire thing and let it dry.
MegaPongo was selected by Tailgater Magazine as the 2013 Best Tailgate Game.

MegaPongo is Made in USA from components sourced globally2 Beer Pong Game Units with Backboards, Ball Collection, and All you need to play Beer Pong

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