Golden State Beer Pong Table with Holes, 2×8, Aluminum, Portable

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All of these tables come with pre-drilled, recessed cup holes, so there is no drilling required. Each item comes with removable covers that can be used to cover the holes like on a traditional table. Recessed cup holes prevent cups from moving, spilling and sliding! We offer a variety of NFL, MLB and NHL team logo tables.


Table comes with pre-drilled holes, no drilling is required on your end. Recessed holes allow the cups to sit 1/4 of the way down and guarantee that they will never move, slide or spill. These tables meet official beer pong table dimensions of 8ft long by 2ft wide. When you are done, they fold up into a briefcase that is 2ft by 2ft by 5 inches thick for easy portability and storage. This table is built with durable aluminum, making it incredibly strong. The surface is covered with a lamanent to protect it from scratches and general wear and tear. The surface of this table is perfect for bouncing and the lamanent also makes it incredible easy to clean up during or after use.This table is perfect for tailgates, BBQ’s, house parties, dorm parties and wherever else you feel the need to play pong or just have a great portable table.This product is also great for flip cup and other drinking games as well as just a simple table to display food and drinks.It weighs only 20 pounds and is easy to transport in any vehicle.


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