New Mens White Hawaiian Aloha Shirt Beer Bottles, 440-3581

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New authentic Hawaiian shirt with tags. This shirt was actually made in Hawaii. This shirt features beer bottles on the beach on a white background. There are white leaves embedded in the background. The beer bottles on this fun shirt are wearing sunglasses. The setting is beautiful, with the ocean, palm trees and blue sky. The front of the shirt and the front pocket match the print of the shirt. The design across the front of shirt continues around the back of the shirt, across the shoulders and around the sleeves. The buttons are made of genuine polished coconut shell. This Pacific Legend shirt is of traditional Hawaiian style, color and pattern with a unique island flavor. The quality of this shirt is comfortable, stylish and durable. When you wear this shirt, you will feel the luxury and comfort that is world-renowned as a Hawaiian tradition. These shirts sell in Hawaii for $69 and up.Made in Hawaii – USA

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