Double Sided Binocular Flask :: Looks Like a real Binoculars

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Binocular Double Flask. Fool authority and cheat the system. Have you ever been to a ball game and been forced into buying expensive $10 beers and $14 cocktails? Why spend your hard earned money unnecessarily when you can bring your own liquor for a fraction of the price, discreetly without being caught. This is the solve all solution for concealed alcohol on the go, weather you are going to a concert, sporting event, ceremony or the track, indoor or outdoors. Nobody will ever think that these authentic looking binoculars holds 16 oz. or you favorite hooch. That’s right, the binocular double flask will hold 2 8oz. serving in two separate compartment saving you tons of money and the hastle of waiting on long lines in between innings. Since the binocular double flask has two separate compartments you can bring two different kinds of alcohol with you, or use one side for a mixer like fruit juice or soda.

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