Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask (Black) by Binocktails

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The Bev-Bag is a FULLY FUCTIONAL secret handbag flask that holds over 28 oz. (830 ml – yes, over a full bottle!) of booze, PLUS everything a girl needs for fun night out. The Bev-Bag has a hidden flask built into its base. A spout on the outside (for easy pouring) is cleverly concealed by a flap that snaps securely shut. Since the Bev-Bag is an actual handbag, once you add the “junk” you want tote around, no one will suspect it’s a secret flask, too.

Stop trying to cram everything you want to bring with you for a night out into a small handbag. Stop paying inflated prices for drinks. Get smart! With Bev-Bag, you can have the best of both worlds … room for all your necessities AND your own booze! Think about how many friends you’ll make if you decide to share your smuggled booze with fellow partiers.

As all of our secret flasks do, the Bev-Bag comes with a small funnel for easy filling. And this hidden handbag flask has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.

Our Bev-Bags could be the greatest hidden flasks for women yet. It is hard to believe we were able to top our best-selling Bev-Brush.

How much money will the Bev-Bag save you this year??• Fully functional handbag – Built-in 28 oz. (830 ml) flask completely disguised in the bottom of the bag

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