“The Coolerator” All-in-One Pressurized Mixed Drink and Beer Dispenser (1 Tap)

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The feeling that you get at that first sip of a perfectly poured draft beer doesn’t have to be exclusive to sitting on a bar stool anymore. The Coolerator lets you feel that special draft beer feeling anywhere life takes you! Pull your friends a perfectly poured brew at your tailgate or at your next backyard barbecue and watch their eyes light up with joy. The Coolerator also dispenses any carbonated mixed drink just as perfectly as it draws an ice-cold beer! Leave the liquor bottles and measuring glasses at home by filling up our stainless-steel mini kegs with your favorite ratios of alcohol to a mixer, and then let your worries fade knowing that your drink is readily on tap for the next cup fill. Your enemy will be bringing a boring 30 pack to the next party, let the ladies know you’re a man of ingenuity and great tastes with a Coolerator full of mimosas that stay fresh until the following day. As an integral part of the system, CO2 cartridges fit onto the dispensing cap to ensure your fizzy beverages stay carbonated throughout your party-no more flat beer or mixers! We love beer as much as the next person, but sometimes an entire keg is just too much for an evening on the boat. Consider the Coolerator as the only portable product on the market that bridges the gap between buying a cooler of bottled beers or buying a keg and a keg pump. So, instead of throwing money at big brand bottled brews, take a mini keg down to your local brewer and say, “Hey brewer, pour me 10 delicious pints of your expertly crafted, local, seasonal fresh beer into this mini keg and I’ll pay you for two standard growler fills, deal?” He will oblige, we’re sure of it. The convenience of the Coolerator will prove to be the missing link you needed to make your drinking adventures focused on fun. INCLUDES: 70 quart blue cooler with installed shank, 5-Liter mini-kegs, tap kit, faucet wrench, growler filler, and faucet cap. NOT INCLUDED: CO2 cartridges, a designated driver.GET 10 PINTS OF YOUR FAVORITE CARBONATED BEVERAGE ON TAP! The Coolerator holds one 5-Liter mini-keg that can be filled with your favorite craft beer or mixed drink.

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