Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

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Another great enhancement to everyone’s favorite Beer Tower product! A small battery operated switch located beneath the tower provides hours of a fun light show throughout the tower shaft and illuminates the liquid inside. Multiple fluorescent colors produce a nightclub type effect. Guaranteed to boost draft sales and keep your clients coming back for more. The 3 liter tube will give your servers more time to cater to other needs, rather than constantly filling up pitchers, and the added Ice Tube will make sure the beer stays cold throughout the service. Similar to the regular Beer Tower, the liquid is conveniently dispensed through a free-flowing pull-down handle. Beer taps are intended to be carefully pulled down only a quarter of the way to dispense liquid. Taps will be damaged, if pulled completely down.

The tower itself is made from a durable plastic to prevent breakage and the base is a sturdy black plastic. Like the beer tower, it stands approximately 34 inches tall, and the base width, though a different style than the popular beer tower is 8 inches in diameter.


Do Not Freeze Ice Tubes, They Will Expand and Crack.
Base is not designed to disconnect from base. Do not attempt to twist off.Beer Tower stands 34 inches tall with a base of 8 inches in diameter.

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