As any discriminating player will tell you, Beer Pong is not a fad-it's a True Sport of Champions. What is beer pong? Mash together ping pong, basketball, and darts, add copious amounts of cold beer and heated competition, and youre getting close....

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Roll the dice. Slam the quarter. Flip the cup. Did you win, miss, lose, or guess wrong? Sounds like it’s your turn to drink! Or maybe not, depending on the rules you learned to play by. If you’ve ever gotten into an argument with someone about...

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Welcome to the greatest collection of Irish Drinking Games the world has ever seen. The Beef O' Keefe has burst the lid open on his life's work. For years the Beef O' Keefe has researched and enjoyed the game of drink. Until now most of these games...

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If you laugh in the face of hangovers, seek out humiliation and have at least one friend then this box set is perfect for you.From Beer Pong to Murder!, this fine collection of drinking games will ensure drunken fun and frivolity for as long as the...

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Beauty is in the hand of the beer holder. From pouring to storing, from crushing cans to doing keg stands, from beer bongs to beer pong, this definitive guide to beer drinking is a brew-lover's bible. Written by the experts behind The Book of Beer...

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Everyone is buzzing about the Beer Games wall calendar from Sellers Publishing. This collection of drinking games takes socializing to a whole new competitive level. With easy to follow rules and full color photography, this calendar is the perfect...

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The government tries to tell us that drinking to excess is bad for us. If that's the case then why is it so much fun? And the quickest way to achieve drunken nirvana...Drinking Games; 25 drinking games for an epic night out, or in. The problem with...

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The book that has intoxicated a generation—and has sold over 500,000 copies—is...

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The Imbible is the definitive guide to drinking games by Alex Bash, a recent college graduate, therefore an authority on the subject. What do you do when you wake up in an unfamiliar neighborhood hand-cuffed to a fire hydrant, clothed in nothing...

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This comprehensive collection of cocktail recipes will be an essential resource for both professional bartenders and the average party host. Want to serve up perfect martinis at your next social gathering? Cosmos for the classy ladies? Sex on the...

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Gin Fizz, Gimlet, French 75, Brandy Alexander, Pisco Sour, Singapore Sling, Sidecar, Dark and Stormy, Caipirinha, Margarita, Matador, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Vesper, Greyhound, Kamikaze, Missouri Mule, Pimms Cup, Fuzzy Navel, Kir Royale,...

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Cocktails are bigger than ever, and this is the first real cookbook for them, covering the entire breadth of this rich subject. The Craft of the Cocktail provides much more than merely the same old recipes: it delves into history, personalities, and...

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