Portable Bars – What’s a Man Cave Without a Portable Bar?


Every good woman understands that a man needs just as much of an escape as they do. The only problem is that our idea of an escape is quite different than theirs. I personally don’t like going to the mall for hours trying on shoes and clothes. I would rather go down to the man cave flip on my big screen pour myself a drink, kick back and crank up the surround sound.

Home-bar-ideas11The core of every man cave is of course the portable bar. The rest of your additions should be built around the core. It sets the stage for how sweet your man cave is actually gonna look. Imagine having your crew come over for a game, now imagine having your own bar, even better somebody tending your drinks for the entire game. Your cave needs to be the ultimate escape from the daily grind.

You should feel like your actually leaving your house every time you step into your cave. Believe it or not your other half will actually love the fact that you don’t have to leave the house to have a good time. Portable bars even give your other half a reason to join the fun. She could even serve drinks for you, now of course you would want to make it fun for her, and let her know that that is your space.

She can put flowers and candles all over the house if she wants, but the only flower in the man cave will probably be the one on your Jimi Hendrix poster. Keep a full stock have your buddies chip in for game day and you will be the man. Kick back and enjoy life you earned it.

Find the best selection of Portable Bars and build the ultimate escape.

Article Source: Portable Bars – What’s a Man Cave Without a Portable Bar?