How to Create a Home Bar This Summer


Do you want to create a home bar this summer where you and a few of your closest friends can relax and have a few drinks? Now you can!

It is a lot easier than you think. The first thing that you need to do is determine where you will put the bar. For instance, do you plan to put it in a spare bedroom room, dining area or a basement? This needs to be decided first because you will need to know how much space you have to work with before you can begin buying the furniture and other accessories for your bar.

The next step is to choose a design. There are many different bar designs available so it should be easy to find one to suite your needs. Your bar area should take up one wall and have enough room to move around comfortably. There should be plenty of space for storing and cooling your beers and wines along with an area for glasses and mugs for your guest. Adding accessories to this area such as taps and spigots is a great idea.

Other accessories such as mirrors, paintings and dart games will make your home bar look more authentic so add as many of these as you can that would be appropriate for the space you have. Hanging bar lights will also greatly enhance your home bar and make it more authentic looking. Bar stools are a must, just make sure you leave enough space between each one for your guest to sit comfortably. It would be a good idea to have extra bar stools in each corner of the room to enhance the look.

The last step would be to choose the style of table and chairs you want to place throughout the room. Three or four would be fine depending on the size of the room. When you start looking at bar tables and stools you will find a wide variety to choose from so take your time and look for a set that you feel will be the most comfortable while enhancing the rest of the bar decor.

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