Having a Party? Top Five Home Bar Accessories From the Web


Backstory: I wanted to gather together all the cool people I know for an evening of fun and festivities. We’d nosh, mesh and dance till way after the stars came out.

That was the original plan and it was really fun to come up with all kinds of possibilities for drinks, food and decorations. But when it came time to actually get the things I needed…different story.

Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping just as much as the next girl, but after a whole day of driving around my town, I was tuckered out and only had a bag of plastic cups, some votive candles, and a bottle of Bloody Mary mixer to show for it. Prices were crazy, number one. Number two, selection was too limited, at least where I live. I needed something else, so I did what I do for lots of other things: went online. With debit card in hand and feelings of hope in my heart, I ventured forth…

Aftermath: Well, the party’s over. It was awesome, I must say. I found excellent deals on the stuff I needed and shopped at places that could ship to my humble doorstep in time for the party, which in my case was by the end of the month. Note to all the party planners out there: As soon as you know you’re going to host a party, get thee online and place your orders. While some sites will ship faster than others, the average time is a week to ten days. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the great stuff I found while online, to give you ideas of what you can get with just a click or two of the mouse.

One: Home Bar Accessories – First thing is to make sure you got your “swank” going with the right bar equipment. Nothing says “mod” like a stainless steel cocktail shaker set. You can get one of these for less than ten bucks and shake shake shake those frosty drinks! Pourers are great for scintillating bar drama too. For just a few dollars, you can look like a pro in your own pad.

Two: Bartender’s Books – So maybe you’re new to drink mixing. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn! Get a bartender’s book, an essential among home bar supplies, and learn as you go.

Three: Gelatin Shot Glasses – Very cool and super fun, plus they actually work. I found “Twist-n-Shot” at a home bar accessories shop online and made Raspberry Party Shots with raspberry Jell-O and raspberry vodka (these disappeared first, I have to tell you) and “Twist-n-Shot” made it easy as raspberry pie.

Four: Spoons – Seriously, you don’t want those tiny plastic spoons with the sharp edges that could also be used to carve pumpkins. Get some decent spoons and your guests with thank you for it. Plus you can get ones that look like silverware. How cool is that? Make your brown bag lunches classier too with these bar accessories for home use. Who’d have thought spoons could matter so much!

Five: Margarita Glasses – Or champagne, wine or shot glasses…all can be had for pennies – for plastic. Unbreakable, you can write on them and I found some that are colored to make my party perkier. We had strawberry margaritas at my bash (anyone detect a party theme yet?), but whatever drink you’re planning on featuring, chances are you can find good deals on cool cups. Classy.

OK. There it is. My top five home bar accessories to give you some ideas and let you know what’s out there. Hope this helped in some way and that your next party is a big success!

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