DIY Home Bar Plans – 5 Simple Steps To Building And Enjoying Your Home Bar


When I was building my home bar, I had no idea where to start or how I was going to finish. In order to keep myself on track, I broke the process down into 5 simple steps that I followed. It made it easier for me and, hopefully, will help others out as well.

Phase 1: Research

In this phase, you will decide what type of bar you want to build, where you want to put it and what type of decorations or theme you want to have. In this phase, you will want to find as much information as you can on they type of bar you want and how to build it. The most critical piece of this step is obtaining a good set of home bar plans. They can be found online for a very reasonable cost and are absolutely critical to successfully getting out of this phase.

Phase 2: Planning

In this phase you will be mapping out the dimensions for your bar, buying your supplies, and preparing the bar area for construction. If you have obtained a good set of DIY bar plans, this step should be easy because most good sets of plans will come with a materials purchase and cut list for the type of bar you are building. This makes it easy to go to the store and get everything you need in one trip. Once you get it all home, I recommend staging it in or near the area where you will be building the bar. You should stage it so that the pieces are either separated for easy retrieval or, if space is limited, stacked in the order you will need them for construction. This saves a TON of time.

Phase 3: Construction

This phase is pretty self-explanatory. You’ve got the plans, the tools, and the hardware. All you really need to do at this point is follow the building steps outlined in your plans, taking time to ensure you get everything right. Don’t cut corners here or you’ll regret it later. If you’ve bought and staged all of the necessary hardware, this step should be a breeze.

Phase 4: Bar Setup & Stocking

You’re almost there! This is the fun shopping trip because an empty bar is a good justification for spending loads of money at the neighborhood liquor store. Be sure to get all the basics and, of course, stock up on your favorites. Also, don’t forget to buy all of the critical bar accessories, including: bar mats, glassware, stirrers, shakers, towels, etc. When stocking your bar make sure you organize things to make them easy to find when you need them.

Phase 5: Enjoyment

I don’t think I need to go into any detail here. This is the stage where you kick back with a nice cocktail and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Assuming you’ve done things right, this phase lasts a long, long time.

If you’re serious about building a home bar, don’t give up and don’t risk failure! Start with a great set of Home Bar Plans to ensure success.

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